Love 94 Radio. Streaming Music Channel.
Contemporary Jazzy Soulful .

Contemporary, Jazzy, Soulful. Love 94 Radio.Com

Contemporary, Jazzy, Soulful. Love 94 Radio.Com

Contemporary, Jazzy, Soulful. Love 94 Radio.Com Contemporary, Jazzy, Soulful. Love 94 Radio.Com

Love 94 Radio. Contemporary Jazzy Soulful Music.

Smooth Jazz, Jazz Radio, 
Adult Contemporary, Chill-out, Lounge,  Love94Radio.Com

Love 94 Music & Entertainment

Since 1976; Love 94 Is The Smoothest Spot To Chill-Out & Unwind With A Blend Of Music That's Contemporary, Jazzy, Soulful. 

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On-Air Advertising & Promotion...

Our focus, first and foremost is providing our listeners with a unique blend of music along with family friendly events to enjoy. Unlike other music formats, the Contemporary/Smooth Jazz audience is and has always been a loyal one.

Advertising on Love 94 gives our clients an opportunity to reach this audience that is affluent/educated and sophisticated who enjoy cultural events, travel and can afford the finer things in life. Smooth Jazz is not just a music format; it's a lifestyle! 

Here at Love 94, we are simple, down to earth & easy to get along with. 

Doing business with Love 94 will be a pleasurable experience and cost effective. 

In addition to listening to Love 94 direct from our websites/players; 

Love 94's Broadcast Stream is also heard on many Music Channel Platforms and Apps. 

As an Advertiser on Love 94, your message will reach our loyal listeners in homes, businesses, offices and automobiles in South Florida, throughout Florida, across the United States and around the World.

Entertainment Services...

On-site Remote: 

Grand Openings, Socials, Festivals, Community Causes, Special Events and more.

Love 94's Talent And Experience Can Enhance Your South Florida Event.

A Love 94 Jazzy Remote is a Live mix of Jazzy Grooves, Cool Rhythms. Plus our staff knows how to entertain a crowd making any event a FUN one, a SMOOTH one. 

Event Services...

South Florida is Love 94's home and we are very involved with our community.

We do Events 2 ways... 

1. OUR OWN EVENTS: We produce Arts & Crafts Festivals, Community Events and more throughout South Florida providing Music, Event Marketing/Vendor Space.

2. OTHERS EVENTS: For Events produced by other entities local & worldwide 

(Cafe's, Stores, City's, Concert Promoters, etc.) 

Advertising, Entertainment & Promotion services are available. 


Love 94 has participated in many concerts/events/shows over the past 44 years and it would take a stack of paper to list them all; here's a few of our most recent... 

Boney James, George Benson, Kirk Whalum, Pieces of a Dream, Herbie Hancock, 

Harry Connick Jr., plus many community festivals from Miami to North Palm Beach.

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Love 94 Station History & Recognition

Love 94 debuted on the Miami/South Florida Airwaves at 93.9FM in 1976. Back then we were known as Mellow Rock. As time went on, Love 94 Programmers came up with the brilliant idea to air a Contemporary Jazz program on Sunday called Sunday Love Jazz. It became such a hit with listeners, that they decided to make Love 94 a full time Contemporary Jazz station being one of the 1st in the country to do so. This format of music eventually became Smooth Jazz.

Today Love 94 continues to stand out and be unique which is why our Licensing Group featured our station several times by popular demand beating out 1000's of Jazz Stations Worldwide putting us at the top of the list. We also have a collection of letters of reference & recommendation from City's & Private Businesses. 

From our beginning at 93.9FM at WWWL to WLVE to today's Love94.Net, Love94SmoothJazz.Com, Love94Radio.Com plus the many Music Platforms and Apps we are heard on around the world.

Our listeners & clients are first foremost. We are grateful & thankful for you all.  

And remember... Smooth Jazz is not just a music format; it's a lifestyle!

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